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Oral history team

Oral history project training

Young people from Seahaven Academy were trained in November 2022, by Nicole Benge from Brighton based oral history organisation Strike a Light. The team were introduced to the craft and skill of interviewing, listening and recording people’s histories. 

The young oral historians were taken through the importance and significance of oral history and how it contributes to us understanding the past in relation to the present.

For part of their homework they interviewed a family member and shared their findings with the group.

Wonderful stories

We found out some wonderful stories tucked away in the folds of everyday life.

Piddinghoe – would you like to be interviewed as part of this Oral History Project?

The team will be in Piddinghoe on the 23rd February and 9th March 2023 to interview members of our community supported by the school and our team! If you would like to be interviewed please email us via our contact page

The faces of our Oral History Team.