Artwave comes to Piddinghoe Church

White greyhound painting
Artwave displayed Piddinghoe Church

Artwave saw over 180 visitors to the church to see work by five exhibitors.  These included an artist exhibiting paintings, mosaics, papier-mache models, earrings, and stationery, two basket weavers, a woodturner, and a maker of stained-glass ornaments.

Dog and horse paintings

There was also a display board featuring the project to restore and augment our Church bells. This board will remain in the Church for the time being and further information can be found on our Bells Restoration section.

In the meantime, enjoy some of the many pieces which we were proud to have on display.

handmade baskets church window
3 dog paintings
Papier Mache goose head
Woodturning church
Baskets handmade
Woodturning artwave

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