The Blessing and Naming of Piddinghoe Church Bells

The Blessing of our Church Bells – a special service

The three restored bells and the additional 3 recovered bells, donated by the Keltek Trust, were blessed, and named on St. George’s Day, 2023. On this spring afternoon, our community and VIPs joined The Right Reverend William Hazelwood, Bishop of Lewes for a special service in our 12th Century Church, Saint John the Evangelist.

It is ancient practice to summon Christian people to church with a peal of bells, in a way of expression as they rejoice or grieve, offer thanks, or gather together. Since Bells are so closely involved in the life of the Christian people, there is a long-standing custom of blessing and Christening the Bells before they are hung in the Belfry.

Naming of our six church bells

Our restored Bells from 1713 were named:

  • Tenor Archangel Michael: 6cwt 0qtr 13 lbs in A
  • Fifth Saint George: 4cwt 3qtr 9lbs in B
  • Fourth Saint Marcia: 4cwt 2qtr 0lbs in C-sharp

Recovered Bells donated by The Keltek Trust

  • 1820 Third Saint Thomas: 4cwt 0qtr 16lbs in D
  • 1733 Second Saint David: 2cwt 2qtr 21 lbs in E
  • 1733 Treble Saint Brigid: 2cwt 1qtr 6lbs in F-sharp

Our thanks

Our thanks, first and foremost, go to Michael Royalton-Kisch without whose generosity, energy and vision, this magnificent project would not have happened. Many have helped him through the process to whom we also give thanks, notably Tom Blyth, Marcus Cartwright, and David Kirkcaldy. Much gratitude is also due to Brigid Simmonds who has co-ordinated fundraising including negotiating our grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Listen to a short interview with Brigid Simmonds talking to Kevin Duala about the Restoration of the Bells and the Blessing Service on BBC Radio Sussex. Many thanks to the BBC for permission to use this clip.

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